Since coming back from my unscheduled vacation I have been experiencing the upside of variance for sure I am playing well too but hitting all your draws flopping sets and crushing ppls souls makes poker so fun :) heres a little #chipporn from a 1/2/5NL game we had


Bad call



I played in a really good game last night. The game was playing pretty big at the time and the villan in the hand was losing and playing a bit reckless and I had been winning and had about $1650.

Me(1650)  Co
Villain (425) Btn

Btn Mississippi straddles $10 on btn
Everyone folds to me I look at AJo and raise to $40
     I raise 4x b/c I know he is going to defend his straddle with a really wide range.
He calls

Flop   8 9 10 rainbow

I check Villain checks
Turn   A
So now I have top pair and open ended straight draw
. I bet $75
Villain moves all in for $310 more

If I thought about this hand it should be an easy fold as is range to shove the turn here I believe is always 2 pair sets and made straights if I put that range against my AJ I only have 28% equity and one card to come and I am getting a terrible price.
This was at the end of a pretty long session where I played really well I don't know what I was thinking

Why do I put him on 2 pair plus? Beluga Theorem
really great theorem that basically says if you get reraised on the turn you should usually fold 1 pair
I guess being open ended gave me a false sense of equity in the hand

Lesson for the day
Quit when I start to feel tired and take more time to think about the hand

Two weeks ago I came down with a pretty serious illness I thought I had a common cold but it quickly escalated. I went to the emergency room to discover that I had contracted viral meningitis. I do not wish this on anyone this is an extremly painful virus that causes severe headaches and there is no treatment other than pain medication. I sat in the hospital for 5 days. Between nodding off on my meds I had a real awakening.

Viral meningitis is typically only found in small children and elderly people.
Since I left my job 2 years ago I have had no balance in my life. I have dedicated almost every waking moment to poker. It would be a very rare thing for me to get 8 hours of sleep. I often go 2+ days without sleeping at all. If I was not at a table playing poker I would be online watching poker videos or reading books or articles.
I am happy with the results I have had from my extreme work ethic. I have been able to purchase a beautiful home for my family, support myself from poker, had a 100k score in a tournament, and have a win rate in cash games that I am proud of.


I now realize that a better life balance will not only be better for my health, that alone is enough for me now,
it will be better for all other areas of my life including my poker career.
I am no dedicating myself becoming balanced in Family, Heath, Poker, and Friends.
I still intend on putting in a good amount of hours playing poker but I am also going to make sure I have time for the gym, sleep, and and family. This has been a tough transition so far but I will continue to work on my schedule in the upcoming months as I prepare for my WSOP trip in June!

Our poker site is now live! This is basically an extension of our home game but now online so we can play anytime. I know everyone that is playing and it has been a lot of fun so far. There have been a few glitches in the first two days but we are working them out. All you have to do to sign up is click the poker link at the top of the page and then click the play now button. Then you you be at the log on screen where you can create a new account. Hopefully we will see you on the virtual felt!

This is a great article about hand reading and gives an intro to putting your opponents on proper ranges check it out they also have a great podcast I l

When people start playing poker they think about it in what is called 1st level thinking this is where they see their cards and thats it so basically they will see QJ9 board while hold AQ in their hand they will 4 bet jam the flop and then be dumbfounded when the opponent showers them with K10. Maybe this is a bad example. You need to not only think of what you have but also what range of hands your opponent may be holding. Once you can start thinking in ranges you will be well on your way to donkeypounding. :)
      eg. Pokerstars John's pre-flop 3betting range includes KK and AA.  Matts 3bet shove range pre flop is 22+ A8+


One big mistake that I see people in small stakes games is overplaying draws. The main reason that people bet with draws is to get a better hand to fold. However, if your opponent has shown that they may have a strong hand then it is probably not a good time to be semi-bluffing (a bluff with a draw where we can improve). You have to think not only of the strength of your hand but even more importantly the strength of your opponents hands this is when you will start to turn the corner and become a decent player.

Will be launching a newsletter this week for all happenings in Mass Poker Club send your email address to massachusettspokerclub@gmail.com and I will add you to the list